Writing Clear Policies & Procedures


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Participants learn a simple, fast, effective method of writing policies and procedures that are easy to follow. This helpful and timesaving module is for all employees who need to write procedures found in everything from simple emails to complex user guides.

    The biggest benefit this program gave us is practical street knowledge that we were able to apply immediately.
    — S. Renee Svendson, Manager


    Participants learn a simple task analysis process that makes managing and writing the project quick and easy. They learn to write from a “reading as you work” viewpoint. People are amazed at how more simple procedure writing can be when using these skills:

    • Mapping out the elements of a task before writing
    • Highlighting key points for non-technical audiences
    • Using the nine basic formats for procedures
    • Organizing the document in a logical, sequential manner
    • Using bullets, indentations and headings to make the organization visually apparent to the reader
    • Using clear, concise language in communicating technical information
    • Proofreading to ensure proper grammar usage