Berry Writing Group has been bringing its Executive Communication Program to corporate headquarters and satellite offices since 1985. 

We specialize in creating a critical mass of employees who are effective, clear, concise communicators. No more clogged in-boxes, no more miscommunication.

Include us in your leadership development curriculum to give your employees the communication skills necessary for successful leadership in getting things done. 


“We feel this program contributed greatly to our Customer Service development program focusing on our overall communication effectiveness, professionalism, consistency, speed and technique. We certainly intend to continue with this training program.”
—Cheri Ford, Director

“This is a valuable part of our development training. I have especially enjoyed using Berry Writing Group’s approach to writing reader-friendly letters and memos. I consider this program to be a permanent part of our training.”
—Lonetta Stanford, Education Coordinator

This is a very concentrated program. Every minute has value. And when you walk away, you really do have a skill you can take back to the office and use immediately.
— Jude Jensen, Support Staff Administrator

“Law school taught us to write for judges and other lawyers. Stan taught us to write effectively to our business colleagues. His teaching style is very lively and friendly.”
Gordon Eid, Senior Executive VP & General Counsel

“We've been using the Program for 15+ years, and it's had a very positive impact.”
—R.B., Wells Farbo