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WGTD: Online is an interactive and entertaining web-based learning experience that teaches employees how to think and write from the reader’s perspective. The skills and concepts taught in this course teach people to present their ideas clearly in all business communications, including letters, memos, reports, voice mails and email messages. Clear writing is clear thinking framed for the reader using plain language.


WGTD: Online focuses on improving actual on-the-job business writing skills. At the start of the course, participants collect several of their own business writing samples. Throughout the program, they follow specific instructions to critique and rewrite these samples to strengthen and reinforce the key concepts of each module. This hands-on approach personalizes the learning experience and facilitates the transfer of effective business writing skills to the workplace.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Clarify thoughts before writing
  • Keep a business perspective
  • Separate the readers’ needs from the writer’s needs
  • Use the inverted-pyramid principle of organization
  • Use a listing paragraph format to highlight key ideas
  • Use the language of getting things done vs. business speak
  • Develop a professional tone that encourages cooperation
  • Use our three models of organization for all business writing, including emails
  • Write technical information to non-technical people


Six to eight hours. Because WGTD: Online is self-directed, employees can complete the course at their own pace. Progress is automatically bookmarked so learners can pickup exactly where they left off.

The course challenges the mind and keeps the learner engaged with these interactive learning aids:

  • Frequent inquiries and animations
  • Numerous writing samples with rewrites
  • Short video clips and narration
  • Engaging games and quizzes
  • 100-page course book in PDF format
  • Concise Quick-Check Skills Card in PDF format
  • A review of student’s own writing samples at the end of each module.
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ASTD E-Learning Courseware Certification

Writing to Get Things Done® (WGTD): Online is certified by the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) Certification Institute. This is the first and only writing course to meet ASTD’s rigorous standards for usability and instructional design.