Empowering You To Lead Through Effective Communication

At Berry Writing Group, we teach you to become better leaders by improving your writing and verbal communication skills. Our courses will put you on the path to success in your professional career.

Over 1,500 people here have been through Berry Writing Group’s program, so the communication in our inboxes now is quicker to read and more useful. This program is not only for troubled writers—it’s for everyone.

Lou Fornetti
Senior Executive VP and CFO American Express Financial Advisors

Good Business Writing Gets Things Done

Our courses teach people to become better leaders by becoming better communicators. Whether speaking or writing, participants learn to inspire, direct, and gain cooperation from all levels of personnel. Delivering good news or bad is situational. Successful leaders navigate the circumstances and communicate with confidence, offering clear, compelling explanations that earn respect and get things done.

When entire departments, divisions, and organizations create a critical mass of people who are writing and speaking to get things done—things get done!

Professional Track

This track is designed to give your team the full breadth of knowledge through a series of 4 Modules.

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Leadership Fast Track

This boot camp will teach you to get to the point clearly and quickly, whether communicating to your team, the executive committee, or the Pentagon. People will be impressed with your improved on-the-job writing and speaking skills.

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Online Courses

Self-directed course that teaches the participant to present their ideas clearly in all business communications, including emails, reports, and voice mails.

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Drive your Agenda and Initiatives with Improved Communication Skills