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Business communication is about getting things done. When you create a critical mass of employees who are communicating to get things done, productivity improves by leaps and bounds along with improved cooperation, collaboration, and morale.  

Our courses teach people to become more effective leaders.  Whether speaking or writing, participants learn to inspire, direct, and gain cooperation from all levels of personnel. Whether delivering good news or bad, successful leaders communicate with confidence and offer compelling explanations that earn respect and get things done.

When communicating with colleagues, subordinates, and customers—or managing your bosses—productivity soars when leaders clearly communicate what needs to get done, why and when.

When entire departments, divisions, and organizations create a critical mass of people who are writing and speaking to get things done—things get done!

Program Benefits

Employee Performance

  • Accomplish more in less time
  • Better performance reviews
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Increase job promotions
  • Develop influence
  • Promote clear communication

Organizational Productivity

  • Improve overall productivity
  • Advance workforce expertise
  • Boost work group morale, cooperation, collaboration, and trust
  • Facilitate empowerment of workforce
  • Broaden buy-in for organization’s mission
We’ve been using the Program for 15+ years, and it’s had a very positive impact.
— R.B., Wells Fargo

What to Expect

Pre-Program Analysis

Each participant submits material for critique. Our process of analysis and feedback provides specific skills to work on and simplifies the transfer of learning.

Program Modules

The focus is on improving participants’ actual on-the-job skills. 

Follow-up Support

For up to 12 months after program completion, participants are invited to submit their work for comments and suggestions. Phone consultations are encouraged.

Post-Program Support

In keeping with our commitment to offer a learning and development process, not a training event, we offer a number of value-added resources and opportunities to assist participants to become better writers.